Why else would we work if not for the satisfaction of our guests? It’s always a joy for us to receive praise, and of course, it humbles us if we fall short for someone. In the future, we will continue to receive both opinions, and we will strive for even more praise.

According to #TravellerReviewAwards2024, this is where we stand. Thank you very much for the recognition!

"...Oly távol, mégis közel..."

Welcome to the website of Tündérkert Panzió Őrség!

Our creed is that embracing nature, along with comfortable accommodation, a good breakfast, and of course, proper hospitality, is the secret to satisfied guests.

Őrség is considered one of the most magical places in our country, where nature, people, hospitality, and tranquility define everyday life. Within the territory of Őrség National Park, many forests and meadows remain untouched, providing shelter for much wildlife.

Our accommodation has been welcoming guests since 2015 in Viszák, a small settlement in Őrség. Tündérkert strives to provide comfortable beds, well-equipped rooms, and a varied breakfast for our guests to wake up to. Of course, our garden is also beautiful!

At the end of our garden lies the forest, meadow; if you only want to start a hiking tour from here on foot, but you can reach the whole Őrség by bike in a few hours.

Get to know Őrség, get to know us, choose a room, plan your activities, rent a bike, and come to us!

If you need any assistance, call us, we can definitely help.

With love, The Team of Tündérkert Panzió

Our houses and rooms

Tündérkert Panzió is located in three houses, Diófa House, Körtefa House, and Almafa House. If you visit us, it won’t be hard to figure out why, as they were named after our beautiful three trees that have adorned the garden for over a hundred years.

Walnut House

Pear Tree House

Apple Tree House

E-Bike Rental

We believe that the most exciting way to explore Őrség is by bike. Dive in, we provide excellent bikes for this purpose: four electric bikes and six regular bikes await you at Tündérkert Panzió Őrség.

The enchanting Őrség...

...and within it, a small village Viszák

Viszák is a small village in Őrség, hilly, beautiful, truly attractive to anyone who desires to hike or relax due to the hospitality of the locals and the proximity of nature.

Our guesthouse is located in this village, on the outskirts, so you can truly feel how wonderful it is to wake up next to the forest!

In Viszák, you will find Tündérkert, with lots of trees, a well-kept garden, and grassy meadows. Some apple, walnut, pear trees are over 100 years old.

Őrség is one of the most unique landscapes in the country, and you will immediately see and feel its beauty and charm when you come here! The hilly, forested landscape is protected by Őrség National Park, and thanks to them, we have more and more hiking trails and educational paths. However, perhaps the most attractive aspect of this region is that you can hike through untouched fields and vast forests and be part of nature yourself